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KOT undertakes construction of rubber, flake, and FRP lining for anti-corrosive equipment of various industrials.

Application Example

  • Flue gas desulfurization
  • Waste water treatment system
  • Pickling tank
  • Plating tank
  • Electrolytic tank
  • Manufacturing machine of phosphoric acid
  • Soda industry
  • Water pure refinery
  • Desalination
  • Water condenser
  • Sea water pipe
  • Off-shore lining product
  • Lorry tank
  • Equipment for mine
Riser Pipe
Riser pipe
Pickling Tank
Pickling tank

Materials & Characteristics of Rubber Lining

Material List

Materials: NR soft

Item Characteristics
OHJI-SOFT R-4 For slurry abrasion with small particles <10mm
OHJI-SOFT R-5 For abrasion with large particles >10mm
OHJI-SOFT R-6 Standard soft rubber, for acid resistance
OHJI-SOFT R-7 For dil-fluoric acid (field lining)
OHJI-SOFT R-8 Cover layer of "San-hard" (field lining)
OHJI-SOFT R-14 Same as R-4 but for field lining
OHJI-SOFT R-16 Same as R-6 but for field lining
OHJI-SOFT R-501 Non Staining type of R-16 for NaOH, KOH, PAC
OHJI-SOFT R-8I Low Ca, Mg Compound

Materials: NR hard

Item Characteristics
OHJI-HARD E-5 Excellent resistance to acid at elevated temp.
OHJI-HARD E-7 Standard natural hard rubber, having flexibility for anti cracking
OHJI-HARD E-7I Low Ca, Mg Compound
OHJI-HARD E-16 Exhaust steam cure, Center layer of "San-hard"
OHJI-HARD E-15 Standard hard rubber, exhaust steam cure type
OHJI-HARD E-20 Low Ca, Mg Compound, exhaust steam cure type

Materials: Chloroprene

Item Characteristics
OHJI-PRENE C-6 Standard type good resistant to acids, oil, weathering and ozone cracking, mainly used for seawater pipe, phosphoric acid plants and desalination plants.

Materials: Butyl

Item Characteristics
OHJI-AI B-5 Excellent chemical resistance and elevated temperature service owing to its low water vapor permiability
OHJI-AI B-15 Same as B-5, for exhaust steam cure.
OHJI-AI B-7 For NaClO solution service, available field lining
OHJI-AI B-6W Resistant to NaClO solution
OHJI-AI B-115 Same as B-5 non staining type
OHJI-AI B-5S Precure type

Materials: EPDM

Item Characteristics
OHJI-S Standard EPDM, good ozone resistance

Materials: Nitril

Item Characteristics
OHJI-N Good oil resistance