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Inspection Method

Perfect inspection system of OHJI rubber and resin lining

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Steel Substrate Inspection

Fabricated equipment shall be inspected some points such as sizes, water pressure and balance depending on customer's application according to "Inspection Standard of Steel Substrate" before rubber lining.

In regard to supplied fabricated equipment, we shall confirm whether they are suitable or not according to “Demand Matters for Design and Fabrication of Steel Substrate”.

Pinhole Inspection

We detect pinhole points by scanning rubber lining surface with spark discharge which burst from terminals of high voltage tester.

We are able to find pinhole points easily because defective points will sparkcontinuously when spark discharge with high voltage scans there.

Pinhole Inspection Pinhole Inspection

Hardness Inspection

We check if lined rubber is properly vulcanized with hardness tester.

Type-D durometer tester for hard rubber and type-A durometer tester for soft rubber.

Hardness Inspection Hardness Inspection

Thickness Inspection

We check if rubber thickness is proper with electromagnetic thickness tester.

Thickness Inspection Thickness Inspection

Appearance Inspection

Any harmful separation and defects on rubber lining surface shall be inspected by visual examination and hammering.


Airtight inspection, Pressure resistance inspection, Agitation inspection, Water pressure inspection and full water inspection

We will undertake pressure and agitator inspection in consultation with customers if necessary.

気密検査 水圧検査
Rubber Lining

Rubber Lining

Several pipes (various diameter from 25A to more than 1000A) and tanks.

We select suitable material and carry out carefully.

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Flake Lining

Flake Lining

Flake Lining exhibit great resistance to acids, alkalis, solvents and gases.

Thin coating prevents penetration of chemicals and gases.

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Rubber Lining

Please leave the rubber lining application for large-diameter pipes to us.

We have currently carried out the lining application for the large diameter pipes of approx. 30,000m2 for the overseas big project.

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